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Rockets For Schools
Thank You to the Sponsors of the Rockets For Schools, Spaceport Sheboygan

Thank you to all the teams and advisors for a Great Job!

Please take a look at the required and optional reading material needed to build your team rockets.

Frequently Asked Questions


Education | Rockets For Schools, Sheboygan Wisconsin


Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Required Reading

NASA Rocketry Basics
Rocket Motor Tutorial Text

Optional Reading

Thiokol Rocket Basics
Basic Model Rocket Stability
Rocket Stability of a Model Rocket in Flight (#30)
Fundamentals of Rocket Stability
Calculating Center of Pressure (#33)
High Power Rocketry Motors Basics
Fundamentals of Rocket Motors
Newton's Laws of Motion & Model Rocketry
Forces on a Model Rocket

Rockets For Schools Participants Websites

Girls Rock-ets Team
Kingsford High School
Michigan Tech University
Woodworth 6th Grade Rocket Club

Miscellaneous Links

Sheboygan Astronomical Society
Tripoli Wisconsin Association
Space Explorers, Inc.
Wisconsin Space Grant Consortium (WSC)
Great Lakes Aerospace Science & Education Center
Fondy Space Flight Institute

Good Luck to all the participating teams in the
Rockets For Schools Launch Competition!

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