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Rockets For Schools
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Rockets For Schools
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Blue Harbor

Rockets For Schools

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Participation is open to all U.S. students in 6th through 12th grade.

Frequently Asked Questions



Secondary Launch | Rockets For Schools, Sheboygan Wisconsin


It's Time to Get
Fired Up for Rockets For Schools
For the Rockets For Schools Launch!

Click here to watch a video of Rockets For Schools.

The next Rockets for Schools Launch will be held on Friday, May 10th and Saturday, May 11th 2019 in Sheboygan Wisconsin.

Here all U.S. students, in 6th through 12th grade, experience the excitement of running a rocket launch and working directly with industry professionals. The launch weekend includes:

Ways to Participate:

Student Rocket Team - Student teams (maximum of ten (10) students and an adult advisor) can build a "Rocket For Schools" rocket to launch at the weekend event.  No previously flown rockets will be allowed.

Awards are given to top three teams in each class. Teams are evaluated for Presentations, Rocket Construction, Displays and Team Worksheet.

Students must have launched a Class I rocket before they can build and launch a Class II rocket.

Please note that the Rocket Team program fee included the cost of the rocket kit, step by step instructions and all parts necessary for construction (except paint and payloads, and there is no epoxy in the Class II kit). Motors are furnished on launch day. See more information on the motors used in the FAQ.

Students will be assigned to work at one of the following stations at some point during the day when they are not launching their rocket:

Recovery • Mission Control • Video Production  • Tracking • Weather Balloon

We will credit a team that recommends a new team (from a different school) that has never participated in RFS before, with a $50 finder fee. The new team must register and pay for the competition, as well as telling us the name of the team or advisor that recommended the Rockets For Schools program. (See column M and N on the RFS Registration Form)

If the recommending team has already paid we will send a check made out to the school or group after the new team has paid for their registration.

If there is need for a different arrangement, please notify us. 

Program Fees: 


Class I Jr Division: Team includes majority of students in grades 6 - 8
Class I Sr Division: Includes majority of students in grades 9 - 12

Rocket Class Options


Please submit all forms by the designated due date.
The files can be emailed to: jbbishop@charter.net

Registration Application and Other Forms
These first two forms are due along with the payment before Rocket Kits will be mailed out.

FORMS: First two forms due before rockets can be shipped.
2019 RFS Registration - emailed .xls .xlsx
Advisor Agreement PDF Word
Team Member Registration - Due 4/1 .xls .xlsx
Emergency Form - Due 4/15 PDF Word
Liability Form - Due 4/15 PDF Word
Team Payload Information - Due 4/1 - emailed .xls .xlsx
Class I Rocket Assembly PDF  
Class II Rocket Assembly PDF  
Rocket Assembly Videos, 5 Parts    
Launch Day Agenda PDF  
Team Presentation and Launch Assignments PDF  
Payload Post-Launch Assessment Review (PPLAR) Program PDF  
Judges Form - Presentation Class I Jr PDF  
Judges Form - Presentation Class I Sr & Class II PDF  
Judges Form - Display PDF  

Required Worksheet (one per team) (Pending)

Secondary Launch Worksheet 2019 - Due 5/8 PDF  


We have added a judges form to judge the displays only. Your dislplays will be judged independently from your presentations and they will be judged sometime during the day on Friday so when your team is not presenting they need to be available and set up at Blue Harbor.

Also, for the Class I Senior and the Class II teams, the Project Concept, Scientific Thought, and Payload Engineering section totals will be times the multiplier of 1.5 giving these sections more inportance.


Please submit program fees and completed applications to

Rockets For Schools
P. O. Box 684
Sheboygan, WI 53082-0684

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